Drawing a basketball is easy if you know how

Draw a basketball

The ball is placed in the middle of two teams in basketball. Here, we’ll illustrate the process from start to finish. Due to its view of four lines convergent at each end of the ball, the current design is instantly recognizable.

In order to understand the evolution of the ball, let’s look at its history. Using a basketball design as an example, I will break it down so that you can see how the lines on it are actually made up of three components.

You’re about to learn how to draw a basketball by drawing a sphere in the shape of the ball. I will also show you how to create curved lines, shapes, and forms.

Basketball drawing sketching

Using my study sketches, I gain a better understanding of the subject’s shapes, forms, lines, and other characteristics. I did a few sketches to gain an understanding of what a basketball looks like in order to learn how to draw it. As always, let’s familiarize ourselves with basketballs by looking at some references.

The three curved lines on basketballs represent three different shapes. The ball appears to have horizontal and vertical lines bisecting it, but the bands are circular.


Drawing a realistic basketball

Drawing a circle was covered in the previous step. It is pertinent to note that the circles used for the pattern must surroundball. In this way, deeper shades will appear on the ball. Concentration and practice are needed to create the other shape around the ball that resembles a wing. I then created a series of illustrations showing how to draw a basketball step-by-step. When drawing patterns and shapes, keep in mind that curved lines lend depth. They are not flat and instead create a slight depression on the surface of the ball. This is essential to drawing a realistic basketball.

Drawing a basketball cartoon


Because cartoon basketball drawings do not focus on three-dimensional form, they need to emphasize lines and shapes more than realistic drawings. The line will still curve around the ball’s body, so there will still be some form, but overall it will still look like a cartoon.

Additionally, it’s helpful to include an outline contour and emphasize the orange color and cel-shading method for applying light and shadow in cartoon basketball drawings. Here are a few examples of cartoon basketballs from Google Images and a few step-by-step drawings showing how to draw a basketball cartoonishly.