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The 2020-21 NBA and NCAAB seasons have begun. For Maddux Sports, what does this mean? The season of wallet stuffing is upon us. Last season, Maddux sports clients netted over $80,000 with $100 players, after another successful season with almost $49,000 profit in 2017-18. Since we are #1 in profit earned for NBA and College Basketball picks combined, we own the title of most profit earned ALL-TIME amongst other handicapping services. We can now add the accolade of best-combined basketball season to our list of all-time champions at the sports monitor, along with the best-documented college football season. Maddux Sports has had one of the best basketball runs in the last five years, and if they claim otherwise, they are flat out lying!

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Maddux Sports offers winning sports picks, including picking the winners for football, baseball, basketball, and MLB. In addition to information games, power play games, and 40-star locks, Maddux Sports does not offer these services. These types of sites will only produce season-long losing picks and are run by crooks. Among the most successful and respected handicappers and sports bettors on the Internet, offers sports betting picks that are top quality and thoroughly researched. Picks and predictions for college basketball, the nba, the nfl, and college football are our specialty.

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In addition to providing our premium guaranteed Sports Picks to visitors of the site, we recognize that not everyone can afford to purchase our premium picks and place daily bets. Sign up for our free daily newsletter where we send out free NFL predictions and free college football predictions every day if you fit that description. These free football picks aren’t among our top picks, but they are still very solid predictions that have just missed the cut and if bet consistently will show you a profit.

Those are the seasons for football and basketball in 2021-22. Why does this matter to Maddux Sports and its clientele? This means we are all set for another season of wallet stuffing. Having had our picks independently monitored last season, Maddux Sports finished #1 overall in profit earned for NBA and College Basketball picks combined in the 2020-21 season. As the sports monitor holds the distinction of documenting the best college football season in history, we can now boast the honor of documenting the best basketball season as well. Sports Monitor ranks us as the #1 basketball handicapper in profit earned over the past 5 years!

In addition,

members are also able to receive additional picks after lines shift, injury news breaks, and other factors that add value to the service. We have reduced the full basketball season package to $399, so anyone who wagers on the sport this year is getting a great deal.