Play Top Gun Sports Insurance FAQs

Play Top Gun Sports insurance FAQs to my team when it registers? Unfortunately, no. The Top Gun Sports insurance program is available to registered teams. Do I receive any insurance benefits if I register my entire league with Top Gun Sports? That’s right. As officers and board members of the league, they are covered by general liability insurance. A $2,000,000 aggregate limit is included in the coverage. Each occurrence is limited to $1,000,000. Unless the entire league purchases team insurance, players, coaches, volunteers, etc., are not covered. General liability policies from Play Top Gun Sports have a policy limit. What is it? An aggregate limit of $2,000,000 applies per occurrence. Coverage of lawsuits from athletes is included in Top Gun Sports’ general liability policies? That’s right. Other general liability policies often exclude this crucial coverage.
General liability waivers are required by Top Gun Sports? Yes, of course. All participants are strongly encouraged to sign the waiver. Forms for Top Gun Sports rosters include waivers. A signed waiver must be kept on file in the event of a lawsuit.

General liability policies:

Play Top Gun Sports general liability policies are written on an occurrence basis or on a claims-made basis? Form for recording occurrences. As the coverage on the claims made form is not as broad as the occurrence form, it is preferable to use the occurrence form. Participation in a Top Gun Sports event by a person with a disability is requested. Can you tell me what procedure to follow? Wilson Sports Insurance Services offers waivers/assumptions of risk. Prior to participating in the activity, you must sign this form. Is liquor liability coverage automatically included in Top Gun Sports’ general liability policies? Unfortunately, no. There is no liquor liability coverage. For an upcoming event, can I purchase liquor liability insurance? Yes, of course. It is possible to purchase liquor liability on a per-event basis. States have different rates. Feel free to contact Wilson Sports Insurance Services for a quote.

Purchasing liability insurance for my team:

What are the benefits of purchasing accident medical insurance for my team/league? Health insurance is not available to many Americans. If the injured party does not have medical insurance, Top Gun accident medical insurance becomes primary. Medical costs are extremely high, and not having health insurance can have devastating financial consequences. Top Gun can still be used as an excess policy if primary medical insurance is already in place. What are the benefits of purchasing liability insurance for my team/league? It is possible for players, coaches, managers, team sponsors, and volunteers to be sued if they engage in sports-related activities. A lawsuit-happy society today does not recognize accidents.
In the event a spectator or participant sues you, our general liability policies will provide you with protection. Is team insurance available to everyone? Team members Play Top Gun Sports, and coaches, managers, sponsors, scorekeepers, and other volunteers are covered. How long does it take for my coverage to take effect? A check for the full premium must be received and processed by Top Gun Sports the day the application is received and processed. As soon as credit approval is received, Top Gun Sports will ship to you at 835 Rubens Road Concord.

purchased and for what sport:

Do I have coverage until the end of the year? Depending on when the insurance was purchased and for what sport, the coverage will expire on December 31st or July 31, 2014. Does the accident medical insurance have a policy limit? A $100,000 accident medical limit applies to each injury. For an explanation of benefits, please refer to the policy provisions. As a Top Gun Sports team, we are registered with the organization. Do we have any insurance protection as a result of our registration? Unfortunately, no. Teams registered with Top Gun Sports must purchase team insurance in order to be protected. How many players can be insured under a team policy? For softball and baseball, the team size is limited to 20 players. In my accident medical policy, what is the deductible? In addition to Play Top Gun Sports, does my policy cover my team/league if it is playing in a non-Top Gun Sports league? Play and practice are covered for Top Gun Sports registered teams.

An event sanctioned by Gun Sports:

Top Gun Sports sanctioned event is not required to be Team Manager. Team insurance is being purchased by my team. Are all of my players required to be listed on the roster? The purchase of a ticket requires a roster. There is a limit of three added players per team. Players can be added and dropped. The Player must be on the Active ONLINE Roster at the time and date of injury in order to be covered. All of our teams will be insured against medical and liability expenses. With the application, do we need to include the names of each team? That’s right. Each team in our league must provide the name and Top Gun Sports registration number. A league discount will be applied to the entire league’s insurance purchase. Is it possible for each team to send a check to Top Gun Sports for the league payment? Unfortunately, no. A single check must be used to apply the league discount.
Is it possible to add the owner(s) of our field or facility as an additional insured to our liability insurance policy? That’s right. Additional insured certificates do not incur any additional costs. The All-Star team Play Top Gun Sports of our league is covered under our league insurance, right? Yes, of course. All-star teams made up entirely of players from your league are automatically covered with no additional charge if your entire league purchases insurance. A Top Gun Sports sanctioned tournament is being played by our Top Gun Sports registered team. When our team participates in this tournament, will our team be automatically covered? I don’t.
When participating in a tournament sanctioned by Top Gun Sports, teams are not automatically insured. It is possible to purchase insurance to cover this exposure through a team or tournament. A tournament is being sponsored by our team/league. Insurance coverage for accidents/liability is provided by Top Gun Sports. Can we sponsor this tournament with our liability insurance? That’s right. Only teams/leagues are covered by liability insurance. A summer league in which we play baseball is insured. In the fall, our team will play in the same league. What is the status of our coverage? That’s right. The policy period will cover that baseball team until the end of the season.