The Best Sports Headbands to Keep Sweat Out of Your Eyes

Rolling Stone may receive affiliate commissions if you purchase a product or service from our website through a link. Choosing workout gear involves finding sneakers, gym gear, headphones, and then likely stopping there. The Best Sports Headbands, You probably missed one important fitness accessory: a sports headband. Professional athletes and amateurs alike use sports headbands to help keep sweat out of their eyes and to keep their faces dry during exercise or play. With our top picks from brands like Nike and Adidas, here’s everything you need to know when purchasing one for your next activity.

Which Sports Headbands Are the Best?

In addition to being comfortable, the best sports headbands should allow players to perform at their highest level. Ultimately, the purpose of the headband is to keep your hair out of your face and to manage sweat. The Best Sports Headbands,  Also, they should be easy to clean and fit comfortably – never too tight. Several headbands will make working up a sweat easier and more enjoyable when you find the right fit.

1. Beace Sweatbands Sports Headband


There are no limits to what you can do with Beach’s sports bands, which are top sellers on Amazon. These terry cloth pants are made out of 85 percent cotton, 10 percent spandex, and 5 percent nylon. In addition to being super soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking, they won’t slip down your face while you’re wearing them. The Best Sports Headbands, since they stretch up to 12.6 inches. You should wash and air dry your elastic socks by hand to preserve their integrity.

2. Vinsguir Mens Headband (4 Pack)


The top-rated headbands from Vinsugir are made from 80 percent chinlon and 20 percent spandex, so they’re flexible and can fit nearly any head size. The material and adjustable width allow for a comfortable fit during any sport or workout routine. They absorb and evaporate sweat quickly. The Best Sports Headbands, For warm-weather bike rides, they can also be worn under various headgear and helmets. There are four colors in each pack, so they are versatile for all sports.

3. Adidas Unisex-Adult Alphaskin Tie Headband


Alphaskin mesh headbands tie for a comfortable fit. 91 percent polyester and 9 percent spandex make it soft and stretchy. This mesh has two layers that wick moisture away and promote airflow. You can choose from a variety of colors, so you don’t have to stick with the standard black, gray, or white.

4. Nike Pro Combat Dri-Fit Skull Wrap

Nike-Pro-Combat-Dri-Fit Headband

As opposed to most sports headbands, Nike’s Pro Combat Dri-Fit skull wrap covers more of your head. People who tend to sweat more on their heads or want more coverage should consider this shirt. You stay dry and comfortable throughout your workout with Dri-Fit fabric. Despite the band’s tapered design and flatlock construction, it remains snug and comfortable for long games or practices. It is also available in one size that fits most people.

5. Tokyo Misfit Japanese Headbands for Men


If you want a bit of flair while exercising, Tokyo Misfit’s headbands come in several colors and geometric designs. Modern technical fabrics are breathable, absorb moisture, and stretch to fit most head sizes. There is a silky texture and they are lightweight.