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In addition, I have little interest in fantasy, don’t know much about history, have only a limited understanding of mythology, and have no skill at all in etymology (the study of words, not bugs). Therefore, I’m intrigued by the assimilation into basketball lingo – and apparently into general sports talk – of the term “unicorn” to describe today’s once-in-a-generation-styled players. Unicorn Sports

There are only a few sports unicorns on this list Unicorn Sports

Mythical creatures such as unicorns exist. But do they really exist? The fossilized remains of the extinct “Siberian unicorn” may indicate that humans once lived alongside it. Berean compadre as a reference, sports unicorns are defined here as incredibly rare, but not impossible feats. In this context, “incredibly rare” means that there are fewer than five documented occurrences of something, such as Major League Baseball’s 40-40 club. It’s no disrespect to perfect games and unassisted triple plays, but baseball has experienced more than five of each. Please note that zero is fewer than five, and therefore some of these instances did not occur. This brings us to the second part of the criteria: “not impossible”. Kevin Garnett may not agree, but no MLB team will win 162 games, and no one will sink 400 threes in a sea…neverminded. In an NFL game, no quarterback will throw 20 touchdown passes. There are some sports achievements that aren’t necessarily athletic (isn’t a perfect bracket the ultimate sports unicorn? ), but most are. These achievements are positive ones. If you’re a football fan, you don’t want to be a NFL loser.

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Taking a step back, why “unicorns?” because these athletes do things that make you say, “Wow, I have never seen anything like that before.” A similar article appeared in The Ringer on Saturday, describing Dele Alli as “Soccer’s Unicorn.” Because nobody has ever seen an actual unicorn. Guards with ACTUAL skill sets who are seven-foot-2 are unicorns.

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Become 7-foot-3 with ACTUAL 25-inch (jump-shooting) range = a “unicorn.” Have 12-inch hands = a “unicorn.” Knock down 30-foot jumpers = a (miniature) “unicorn.” Maybe all those wannabes – those 6-9 to 7-foot players jacking up bricks and turning the ball over in transition – are more like the aforementioned narwhals; real (and therefore far A soccer unicorn is based on the ability to score goals at a blistering pace (e.g. scoring his first 20 EPL goals in 52 games, which is 22 games faster than the next player, and 38 games faster than the third player, David Beckham).

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As much sport has become an imitation game, I’m sure the term will be used as early as this weekend to describe a player (or two) in the NFL playoffs. (On a related note, I’m always amazed that there aren’t more Zekes around these days, since so many people name their dogs and kids after athletes, celebrities, etc.) Was Odell Beckham, Jr. a unicorn, if only for a few months, before everyone began copying and adopting his one-handed highlight-reel catch? Do Tom Brady’s everyday life (and the infamous Draft Combine photograph) disqualify him from the unicorn category?hotograph)? Do you think Joe Buck will see a unicorn this spring? Could Mike Trout be a unicorn? Does Brittney Griner qualify as a unicorn? I watched a video of a 15-year-old high school sophomore girl dunking in a game on Saturday. Could it be that I just saw a unicorn? Jim Nantz will undoubtedly describe a unicorn sighting on the Augusta course this spring. Has Dustin Johnson ever shown you what a club looks like in his hands when he swings it?

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What does Michael Phelps have to do with unicorns? Or Jackson? Was each just the “GOAT” of his or her particular sport, as opposed to the newly minted unicorn, which seems to be in vogue at least for the moment? The first time I read the word “unicorn”, I didn’t really give it much thought; nor did I give it much thought the second time I read it. It was probably around the third or fourth time that I realized what it meant. After seeing it today, with a reference to “Soccer’s Unicorn,” I was kind of taken aback – if this term describes multiple players, particularly within the same sport, is any one of them actually a unicorn?